You Are Not Alone – A Message To You

  All of the best plans…. I had planned to write a post this evening on a topic from my ever growing list of things I would like to share with you. As always I had already mentally written a hundred posts before I’d returned home. I had it all planned for this evening. My partner and I were going to have a takeaway, before I would go and write my epic post. And then it happened. I stopped coping. It sounds strange, to suddenly stop coping in a matter of seconds, but that is how it feels. I went … Continue reading You Are Not Alone – A Message To You

I Eat like YouTuber Rebecca Leung – Eating Disorder Recovery Challenge

For the past few weeks I have been updating my progress on my food challenges and general recovery from an eating disorder. This week is no different, however, there is a slightly different spin on it today. It’s not enough! Last week I wrote about the fact that I didn’t think I was doing enough to tackle my ED. I was still doing challenges, but still in a very controlled way. This week I realised this needed tackling after I was bought a piece of cake by a colleague at work. I’d already had pizza for lunch and hadn’t planned … Continue reading I Eat like YouTuber Rebecca Leung – Eating Disorder Recovery Challenge

Mental Illness, Why Do We Resist Recovery?

In these past few weeks I have gone through such a rollercoaster of emotions, with thoughts whizzing around my head at warp speed. Memories long buried in my memory palace, deep down in the basement where I never set foot, have been surfacing out of nowhere, reminding me of things that I had almost forgotten. All of sudden I have begun to make sense of why I am the way I am, where some of my food rules have come from. It has been an amazing experience to challenge the behaviours that have taken over my life for far too … Continue reading Mental Illness, Why Do We Resist Recovery?

Food Challenge Recovery Update #5

  Hello beautiful humans! Thank you for visiting for another catch up on my weight gain recovery journey. I hope you have all had a great week and you are doing well on your own journeys. An overview of another week all in with recovery I really don’t want to sound grumpy again but, things are tough guys. Everything I eat at the moment is taking me out of my comfort zone and it has been so difficult. That ED ‘voice’ in my head is screaming at me, and it’s getting very loud. Don’t fret my dear readers I haven’t … Continue reading Food Challenge Recovery Update #5

Food Challenge Update #4

  This challenge update feels like it is far too early, but here we are again. Another week over and another step closer to freedom. An overview of another week all in with recovery Unfortunately I have experienced another difficult week. This is not just attributed to my recovery hurdles, but, again, just life stuff. We can’t feel good all of the time and sometimes life just hits us. I have felt very fatigued and emotional this week with no real reason. I am English so it could just be the hot weather, we don’t cope well with that. Who … Continue reading Food Challenge Update #4

Eating Challenge Update #3

I do apologise for the delay in this post, but I was doing life over the weekend so didn’t get time to update, but the absence of a post update doesn’t mean a challenge didn’t happen dear readers. So… An overview of another week all in with recovery I am learning so much through this process. I had thought it would start off feeling impossible but slowly get easier. But I actually started this endeavour with bag loads of motivation and I was so excited of now not prohibiting any foods what so ever, it’s all on the menu now. … Continue reading Eating Challenge Update #3

My Way Might Not Be Right For You And That’s Okay

This post was not the one I intended to produce Last night I was planning on writing a post about the method I had chosen to use as guidelines to finally get myself into remission from my ED. A method I have done extensive research on and had proceeded to engage in thorough discussions with my partner about before we decided that it was worth a try. I had tried everything else and was fully aware of why things have never quite worked out for me, and this method, whilst actually the same as what the specialists already use, even … Continue reading My Way Might Not Be Right For You And That’s Okay